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Welcome to Kireina , a small Villa located in the mountains of Genting highland, Our love for nature and sustainability thrives around the area of our Villa.

Relaxation and time with families is the key to a good holiday therefore at Kireina we provide the best services to make sure your stay at Kireina is as relaxing and memorable.Kireina is a place for exploration and discoveries therefore it is safe to say that you won’t run out of things to do on the other hand sometimes you might spot some of our friends , Orang Utan who stop by our Villa once in a while to pay a friendly visit. At Kireina our rooms comes with a private jacuzzi with views of the forest at the heart of genting.Your relaxation and comfort is our priority therefore we provide Doterra essential oil for relaxation while you are at your stay at Kireina moreover rooms are spacious to fit you and your families with big patios to chill and have conversations . Our outdoor play area provides kids with plenty of outdoor activities and a safe environment for kids to run around and have the best time of their lives while having a relaxing time in the jacuzzi on a cold but sunny day! Event halls are also open for events like annual dinners, weddings and birthdays. The event hall is a spacious glass house inspired structure that can hold over 40 people for events like weddings , dinners , birthday parties or any celebrations! The Hall looks out at the beautiful greenery of genting. natural light easily absorbs into the hall giving it a very bright place for photos and any events that are going on during the day on the other hand during the night the forest and dark caves in on the yellow lights in the hall that sets a calming mood but for further inquiries feel free to contact us ! Have we got you on the hook yet ? Well let me introduce our Cafe! We serve all courses from breakfast to dinner. Not only this, we also have a vegetarian menu that serves a wide range of different foods to fit your taste buds. Besides that, we also have a lot of non-vegetarian choices of Japanese cuisine and a style of mixing western and Japanese cuisine whereas you can officially find out about our menu through our Instagram , you can also stop by our cafe when on your journey to Genting Highland. It is a cold night and you are craving for something hot and steamy like BBQ or a steamboat? We also have that here at Kireina and we would be happy to have you here . If you are looking for places to visit while being up in the mountains, do not worry Kireina is only 12.7km away from the infamous Genting Highlands. An attraction that includes a mall and huge theme park thousand feet above sea level. 9.7km from Kireina there is a temple with the most beautiful architecture and views of the mountains, a perfect way to immerse yourself in Chinese culture. Looking for a place to shop till you drop, don't worry , Genting Premium Outlets is only 5.5km away from our Villa. This means shopping is no problem around here